Products of Bytessence

Bytessence AMVConverter 1 3 Bytessence 


Bytessence MPxConverter is a simple user interface for AMV-Codec-Tools, a fork of FFMpeg targeted at media conversion for chipods (cheap mp4 players, usually knockoffs of popular brands). It is based on the same code as the (discontinued) AMVConverter, but it now is compatible with both Actions and Sunplus players. The program kept many features. Freeware download of Bytessence AMVConverter 1 3, size 2.36 Mb.


Bytessence PasswordManager 1.0 Bytessence 

Security & Privacy

Bytessence PasswordManager is a free / open source personal information management tool, created from the need of remembering data like logins and passwords for different websites. While many internet services use such logins, the quantity of passwords the users need to remember grows dramatically, reaching a point where they will write them on. Freeware download of Bytessence PasswordManager 1.0, size 1.87 Mb.

Bytessence UserbarGenerator 2 1 Bytessence 


Bytessence UserbarGenerator is a free, fast and small program that helps you create userbars for use as forum signatures. It was built to simplify the design process so you don't have to use complicated drawing programs and still get your favorite userbars in seconds. It offers many image effects, supports 32bit alpha-blended graphics and. Freeware download of Bytessence UserbarGenerator 2 1, size 100.53 Mb.