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CADRE Geo CADRE Analytic 

Multimedia \ Misc. Graphics

CADRE Geo is a handy application designed for generating 3D geodesic models for structural analysis programs. You can use the program in order to create detailed designs and construction information for domes. The application can save a lot of time since it is able to generate a complete set of hub or panel drawings with one commend.


CADRE Pro 6.1.0008 CADRE Analytic 


CADRE Pro is a structural engineering application for Windows with the Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework or later installed. In recent years, Windows is delivered with the .Net framework already installed.CADRE Pro allows any frame, beam, and plate type structure (or integrated beam and plate structure) to be modeled and solved for loads and stresses or. Free download of CADRE Pro 6.1.0008, size 9.97 Mb.

CADRE Profiler 2.2.0007 CADRE Analytic 


This application is used to design section profiles and determine their geometric properties for custom beam cross sections which can be composed of different materials. The use of custom extrusions is becoming almost as economical as using off-the-shelf items but you will need to calculate the properties yourself.. Free download of CADRE Profiler 2.2.0007, size 2.00 Mb.

CADRE Flow 1.2.0009 CADRE Analytic 


CADRE Flow is developed using the basic principles of finite element method as applied to the hydraulics flow field. It is intended for solving incompressible fluid flow in piping systems, hydraulic systems, and fluid flow networks. There is virtually no limit to the degree of complexity (joints, lines, and line segments) that can be. Free download of CADRE Flow 1.2.0009, size 3.07 Mb.