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capella-scan capella software 


Capella-scan has put an end to the laborious task of typing out notes! At last, there is now a way of transposing printed notes and creating part extraction from a printed score without having to type out sheet music note-for-note.By opening the scanned file in capella notation software (available separately), you can print the file to your. Free download of capella-scan, size 55.33 Mb.


tonica fugata 9. 5. 2002 capella software 


You know what it's like: Only an hour to go until choir practice and you had intended to compose a four-part harmony for your choir to sing... You have to do composition homework or a tricky analysis? tonica fugata does this work for you in a matter of seconds! tonica fugata composes four-part harmonies, canons, preludes,. Free download of tonica fugata 9. 5. 2002, size 8.83 Mb.