Products of Chelsea Technologies Ltd.

cViewMAIL Chelsea Technologies Ltd. 


cViewMAIL is a handy tool for automatically sending email messages from a specified folder. The application can be used on a schedule or from the command line in order to check the outbox folder for messages.


cViewTEXT 1.00 Chelsea Technologies Ltd. 


cViewTEXT is a database communication tool that allows you to extract the data from the fields that store file names as text. You can use this tool to extract the information and insert it in your Crystal report. The Crystal Reports users can use the driver in order to format the text in their reports since it supports plain text, rich. Free download of cViewTEXT 1.00, size 0 b.

cViewBATCH Chelsea Technologies Ltd. 


cViewBATCH is a command line tool that allows you to run Crystal reports and save the result in a folder of your choice. The program can be used in the Command Prompt window or by creating batch files. You can specify in the command line which report you want to process and the output preferences. It was designed to work with. Free download of cViewBATCH, size 0 b.

cViewPick Chelsea Technologies Ltd. 


cViewPick is a practical application that allows you to examine the reports from a local folder and to view the parameters used for running them. The selected parameters enable you to identify the source of the data for that report. The goal of the application is to include the latest information in the reports by changing the value of. Free download of cViewPick, size 0 b.

cViewSERVER 10.40.0 Chelsea Technologies Ltd. 

Internet \ Server

cViewSERVER is a useful application that allows you to schedule Crystal reports. You can use it in order to run the reports at a specific date that is relevant for your business. Unlike the cViewMANAGER application, this tool is installed as a Windows service with improved reliability. This tool allows you to run reports without being. Free download of cViewSERVER 10.40.0, size 0 b.

XML Output User Function Library Chelsea Technologies Ltd. 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

XML Output User Function Library is a useful component that allows you to generate XML files from Crystal reports. The library includes a collection of functions that can help you generate complex XML documents that can be used for data transfer. In order to use the functions from the library you need to place the file in the Crystal. Free download of XML Output User Function Library, size 0 b.

cViewSQL 3.0.56 Chelsea Technologies Ltd. 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

cViewSQL is a compact application that allows you to run SQL commands for a specified database. The program is able to connect a certain database and to run the script entered by the user. You can use this tool to export data, to make modifications to the database structure or to append data. The program has four modules that can be used. Free download of cViewSQL 3.0.56, size 0 b.