Products of Christopher Brochtrup

Word List Duplicate Remover 1.0 Christopher Brochtrup 


As its name suggests, Word List Duplicate Remover provides you with an easy to use application for removing the duplicate items from within a list of words that are already in your Anki deck. Word List Duplicate Remover is designed for dealing with lists of Japanese words and Kanji characters, but you can also use it to delete duplicate. Free download of Word List Duplicate Remover 1.0, size 0 b.


cbJisho 3.1 Christopher Brochtrup 

Education \ Miscellaneous

cbJisho is a comprehensive English-to-Japanese dictionary designed to help those who intend on learning Japanese. cbJisho enables you to search both English and Japanese words and sorts the search results based on their relative frequency in newspapers and novels. You can also use regular expressions and filter words by different. Free download of cbJisho 3.1, size 0 b.

cb's Frequency List Sorter Christopher Brochtrup 


cb's Frequency List Sorter is a handy application designed to help you quickly sort a list of Japanese words or Kanji characters based on their frequency.

cb's Japanese Text Analysis Tool Christopher Brochtrup 


cb's Japanese Text Analysis Tool is designed to help you analyze Japanese text files and generate reports on the word frequency, the Kenji frequency and readability. cb's Japanese Text Analysis Tool uses two parsing methods: MeCab and JParser. it supports most text encoding methods (UTF-8, UTF-16, Shift_JIS, EUC-JP, ISO-2022-JP) and. Freeware download of cb's Japanese Text Analysis Tool, size 0 b.

Kanji Word Association Tool Christopher Brochtrup 


Kanji Word Association Tool is an easy to use application designed to assist you in learning and writing in Kanji. It generates a list of words associated with each Kanji, enabling you to learn step-by-step, in an organized manner. Kanji Word Association Tool automatically sorts words by frequency and eliminates detected duplicates.

cb's JNovel Formatter Christopher Brochtrup 


cb's JNovel Formatter provides you with an intuitive tool for formatting Japanese novels and converting them into HTML documents. cb's JNovel Formatter supports Aozora formatting type and can process multiple novels at the same time. It features bookmark anchoring, novel file cutting and HTML style formatting and it supports most novel. Freeware download of cb's JNovel Formatter, size 0 b.