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Chinese Puppy Linux Project 1.0 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Chinese Localization of Puppy Linux for Chinese Users. Freeware download of Chinese Puppy Linux Project 1.0, size 124.79 Mb.


idea_stringmanip 1.2.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for text manipulation:-Un/Escape Java text-Un/Escape JavaScript text-Un/Escape HTML text-Trim text-Trim all spaces-Remove all spaces-grep -Duplicate line and increment numbers. Freeware download of idea_stringmanip 1.2.0, size 60.00 Kb.

intron marker pipeline 1.0 

Home & Personal \ E-books & Information Databases

IMP is an automated tool for intron-flanking primer design based off of Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs). It's intended for use in species with limited to no genomic sequence data available.. Freeware download of intron marker pipeline 1.0, size 202.08 Kb.

LyTeX rc 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

LyTeX = portable miktex + portable texworks + portable lyx. Freeware download of LyTeX rc, size 9.28 Mb.

python-ngram 3.0 

Education \ Science

ngram is a module to compute the similarity between two strings. It is different to python's "difflib.SequenceMatcher" in that it cares more about the size of both strings. ngram is an port and extension of the perl module called "String::Trigram. Freeware download of python-ngram 3.0, size 19.13 Kb.

Exif Library for Net 1.0 

Multimedia \ Graphic Editors

ExifLibrary is an Exif metadata library for the .NET platform. It can extract and write metadata from JPEG/Exif image files.. Freeware download of Exif Library for Net 1.0, size 24.41 Kb.

XMLArsenal 1.0 

Games \ Misc. Games

XMLArsenal is a free, open-source, extensible Armory for "World of Warcraft"-emulators like Mangos, Trinity, Ascent and Hearthstone/Aspire. Data is aquired via DataGrabber plugins and outputtet as Blizzard-Arsenal-compatible XML.. Freeware download of XMLArsenal 1.0, size 45.41 Mb.

libfov 1.0.3 

Multimedia \ Video Editors

Library for calculating fields of view and lighting on low resolution rasters, suitable for roguelike games.. Freeware download of libfov 1.0.3, size 350.25 Kb.

VR Juggler rc 

Multimedia \ Drawing and CAD

VR Juggler is a virtual platform for virtual reality application development created at the Virtual Reality Applications Center at Iowa State University. Applications developed in VR Juggler can transparently move between a wide range of VR systems.. Freeware download of VR Juggler rc, size 21.56 Mb.

OptFlow 0.2.2 

Education \ Science

OptFlow is a C++ -based library for motion detection. It implements the classical Lucas-Kanade algorithm and a more advanced algorithm by Proesmans Several warping and morphing methods using the computed motion fields are also implemented.. Freeware download of OptFlow 0.2.2, size 430.72 Kb.

Tkinter Table 1.1 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

A tkinter class that provides basic table functionality. Extend the base class for your own use.. Freeware download of Tkinter Table 1.1, size 69.43 Kb.


Education \ Science

This project aims at providing a user package for the molecular dynamics software LAMMPS, which allows the complete simulation to run on a GPU. Additional information and svn access to "bleeding etch" code can be found on the project website below.. Freeware download of LAMMPS_CUDA 1.1, size 55.24 Mb.