Products of COOL.STF

ZTERM 2000 2.0.144 COOL.STF 


ZTERM 2000 is a 32-bit terminal emulator for Microsoft Windows, designed primarily for connectivity with Unix and AMOS systems. Unlike most terminal emulators, ZTERM 2000 emulates both "Field" and "Mode" terminals, which allows a greater number of host based applications to work with the Windows platform.. Free download of ZTERM 2000 2.0.144, size 2.75 Mb.


TSReader Lite 2. 8. 1946 COOL.STF 


TSReader is a transport stream analyzer, decoder, recorder and stream manipulator for MPEG-2 systems. It supports DVB, ATSC, ISDB, and Digicipher II extensions to the base MPEG-2 specification. TSReader gives the user the "big picture" overview of what's being carried inside MPEG-2 transport streams and can be very useful for finding. Freeware download of TSReader Lite 2. 8. 1946, size 7.77 Mb.