Products of CorMac Technologies Inc.

NeuNet Pro 2.30.0014 CorMac Technologies Inc. 


NeuNet Pro is a complete neural network development system. Neural networks can be used for pattern recognition, data mining, market forecasting, medical diagnosis, sports handicapping... almost any activity where you need to make a prediction based on your data. NeuNet Pro neural network software lets you use your computer for pattern. Free download of NeuNet Pro 2.30.0014, size 6.36 Mb.


CQPhone 2.4 CorMac Technologies Inc. 

Internet \ Chat Tools

CorMac Technologies Inc. announces the release of CQPhone 2.4, a computer program that enables free worldwide communication using the Internet instead of regular telephone lines. CQPhone is similar to the popular "Instant Messenger" programs, but it is unique in many ways. This program looks and sounds like a real telephone. You simply. Freeware download of CQPhone 2.4, size 2.74 Mb.