Products of CrazyPixels

CPUThrottle 1.1 CrazyPixels 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

CPUThrottle is a handy tool designed to enable you to view the CPU usage. The result is a throttle of the system performance. With a reduced CPU performance you are able to run older programs like games in a lower speed.


CrazyDesktopVideo 1.0 CrazyPixels 

Multimedia \ Video

This video player plays the videos in the desktop background behind all programs. Make your desktop background to the video screen. See movies in the desktop background while you are working in the foreground. Load the videos from AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc.! Activate the Active Desktop first!. Free download of CrazyDesktopVideo 1.0, size 398.46 Kb.

CamDVR 1.1 CrazyPixels 

Multimedia \ Video

CamDVR is a powerful software solution for all video devices, like IP-Cams, Web cams, capture cards and much more. The program supports an unlimited number of video devices and is capable of recording, live broadcasting over the Internet, doing unlimited surveillance and scheduler tasks. The (motion) detector performs image comparisons, face. Free download of CamDVR 1.1, size 5.03 Mb.

CrazyBackup 1 1 CrazyPixels 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

CrazyBackup backups your selected directories and files. Select to copy all files or only all newer files or all different files, with subdirs or not and delete unneeded files and dirs from the destination location.. Freeware download of CrazyBackup 1 1, size 122.88 Kb.

CrazyInfo 1 3 CrazyPixels 


Small tool for displaying the CPU clock, CPU usage, RAM usage! If you own an ASUS mainboard, use the CrazyInfo_ASUS.exe. You get additional infos about the CPU temp. and the CPU fan speed. First you must have installed Asus PCProbe. Then copy the CrazyInfo_ASUS.exe into the PCProbe directory and run it.. Freeware download of CrazyInfo 1 3, size 129.02 Kb.

SuperClip 1.5 CrazyPixels 

Utilities \ Clipboard

SuperClip is a tool which copies previous inserted text with a mouse click into the clipboard! Very simple to use and very useful if you often insert text into formulars, write emails etc.. Freeware download of SuperClip 1.5, size 118.78 Kb.

CrazyClock 1.1 CrazyPixels 

Desktop \ Clocks And Calenders

CrazyClock is a clock with alarm function and visual effects! Each alarm can show an alert sign, play a sound and start an external program! The clock can be positioned everywhere on the desktop, can be topmost and transperent. Several visual effects are available. The size and fonts are selectable. The clock could be lay above all programs topmost. Freeware download of CrazyClock 1.1, size 487.42 Kb.

CamPermanent 1.0 CrazyPixels 

Internet \ Chat Tools

CamPermanent - Is the ultimate solution for all of your video demands. It supports Webcams, Netcams (IP-Cams) (still picture & motion-JPEG & MPEG4-mode) and all video devices which are working with an up to date driver for Windows. The permanent record functionality makes your PC to a digital security center. Record from all connected. Free download of CamPermanent 1.0, size 1.27 Mb.

WebCam-Control-Center 6.2 CrazyPixels 

Utilities \ Security

Add live Webcam images to your website quickly and easily. WebCam-Control-Center's comprehensive motion detection system and auto-capture makes it easy to monitor any area with your Webcam. Schedule its FTP/Email client to take and upload captures to your website automatically every few seconds, or whenever motion is detected. It even converts. Free download of WebCam-Control-Center 6.2, size 1.11 Mb.

CamUniversal 2.5 CrazyPixels 

Multimedia \ Video

CamUniversal - Is the ultimate solution for all of your video demands. It supports Webcams, Netcams (IP-Cams) (still picture & motion-JPEG & MPEG4-mode) and all video devices which are working with an up to date driver for Windows. Additional it includes a network server client functionality to send the video from all cameras from one. Free download of CamUniversal 2.5, size 1.05 Mb.

CamLAN 1.2 CrazyPixels 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

With CamLAN you see your WebCam video on all PC's within your LAN or from the Internet. The CamLAN Server sends the video from the connected Video Device to all activated CamLAN Clients. The CamLAN Clients must be connected to the server through a network. You can use a local network (LAN) or the Internet. On the Client side you can see the video. Free download of CamLAN 1.2, size 655.36 Kb.

A Great Grabber 1.2 CrazyPixels 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

A Great Grabber is a software to scan, search and grab the Internet. All text based webpages, like html, htm etc. are scanned for needed files. You input a start webpage, the extensions of the files where you are interested in and let the software searching and downloading these files. You could additional retrieve all found email addresses from. Free download of A Great Grabber 1.2, size 581.63 Kb.