Products of Creative Commons MarkTaskComplete 1.0 Creative Commons 


Mark Task Complete provides a number of useful features for managing tasks in MindManager. Repeating-tasks are designated by adding one of the strings below to the category field (see table below). These are now readily accessible on the MindManager ribbon. In general repeating tasks are advanced either from the due date ("each" keywords). Freeware download of MarkTaskComplete 1.0, size 537.60 Kb.


ccPublisher 2. 2. 2001 Creative Commons 


ccPublisher is a tool that does two things: it will help you tag your audio and video files with information about your license and it allows you to upload Creative Commons-licensed audio and video works to the Internet Archive for free hosting. You also have the option of publishing the licensed and tagged audio works on your own site.. Freeware download of ccPublisher 2. 2. 2001, size 0 b.