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Chess knight's travel 1.2 CTPSoft 

Games \ Puzzle

Chess knight's travel is the program that helps to solve well known puzzle "knight's tour". The "knight's tour" is a sequence of chess knight moves executed in such a way that each square of the board is visited exactly once. With this program you can try to solve the puzlle for board with a dimension from 5 to 10 cells.. Freeware download of Chess knight's travel 1.2, size 945.15 Kb.


3-D Fox hunting 1.1 CTPSoft 

Games \ Puzzle

This is a well known logic game. The goal of the game is to find all the foxes for the minimum number of steps and the shortest period of time. The playfield is divided into cells and may have from 3 to 10 vertical and horizontal lines. The maximum amount of hidden foxes is up to 10, and it's amount depends on the size of the field and the chosen. Freeware download of 3-D Fox hunting 1.1, size 493.57 Kb.

Battleship quest 1.0.2 CTPSoft 

Games \ Puzzle

Battleship quest is an implementation of the logic game "The battleship puzzle". The program offers you unlimited number of Easy difficulty puzzles and 20 (twenty) of Medium and Hard difficulty puzzles for dimensions from 6x6 to 12x12. In Battleship puzzle, a fleet of battleships is hidden in a square grid of small squares.The goal of the. Freeware download of Battleship quest 1.0.2, size 1.31 Mb.

Accuracy trainer 1.01 CTPSoft 

Education \ Miscellaneous

This program helps to check and train your eye estimation. In this game you will be offered to solve nine geometric tasks. In each task you need to adjust proposed figure a bit to makeit right. By dragging a marker you can adjust the figure. After adjusting the program will calculate your accuracy and show the correct figure. Once you have done. Freeware download of Accuracy trainer 1.01, size 746.00 Kb.

Sudoku expert 1.03 CTPSoft 

Games \ Puzzle

Sudoku expert is the most desirable program for each logic game lover and especially the ones who enjoy Sudoku puzzles. This software allows you to get unlimited number of high-quality Sudoku puzzles that have a single solution. Sudoku expert will help you to solve any Sudoku puzzle that has been taken from other sources. This program has helpful. Free download of Sudoku expert 1.03, size 758.78 Kb.