Products of CubicDesign

Out of juice - Power status monitor 1.0 CubicDesign 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Isn't annoying when you accidentally disconnect the power adapter of your laptop and run on battery until it runs out of juice? This tiny program monitors when the power status switches from AC to battery (or vice versa) and makes a beep to let you know. Tiny


ALT tag generator CubicDesign 

Web Development \ Web Design Tools

Your site will get better position in Google if you insert keywords in your images' ALT tag. This program will automatically add the ''ALT'' tag to all images in a HTML file (the extension of your files must be HTML; if you use only HTM, it won't work). If a image already have the ALT tag, then. Freeware download of ALT tag generator, size 849.35 Kb.

File Impersonator CubicDesign 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

This is a unique file renamer. It will rename all files in folder "A" for match the name of files in folder "B". In other words you will be able to keep the content of files in folder "A", but have them to have the same name name as the files in folder "B". Let's say you. Freeware download of File Impersonator, size 587.20 Kb.

Special search CubicDesign 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

This program helps you to filter only lines (of a text file) that contains a specific string/text. 2 starting from the end of the "search". Freeware download of Special search, size 870.32 Kb.

Better StartUp 1.2 CubicDesign 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Better StartUp helps you to define not only in which order your programs should load at Windows' start up but also you can set a delay for each program. This way you can start the programs sequentially to avoid had drive bottlenecks. With Better StartUp you'll gain full control over the applications that are lauched as system boot! for. Free download of Better StartUp 1.2, size 0 b.

File Generator Testing Tool 1.9 CubicDesign 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

File Generator is an advanced program that can write a specified number of files to disk. You can specify the disk size of the file, content of each file and the file name pattern. Our File Generator program is currently used by used by many professional organizations, IT publications, hardware review web sites, hardware and software engineers, etc. Free download of File Generator Testing Tool 1.9, size 1.14 Mb.

Painless image resizer 1.5.3 CubicDesign 

Multimedia \ Graphic Editors

Painless Image Resizer is a free easy to use tool that can (batch) resize all images in a folder with a single mouse click. Just choose the pictures you want to resize, the new size and press "Resize" button.

The flaw CubicDesign 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

This tool checks your CPU for that nasty Pentium FDIV bug. Freeware download of The flaw, size 429.92 Kb.

Daily backups 0.9.9 CubicDesign 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

This program will backup a set of folders every time is starts (when you turn on the computer) then it close itself. Very useful for programmer to keep track of the changes in their. Freeware download of Daily backups 0.9.9, size 272.63 Kb.

Document re-arranger 1.6.2 CubicDesign 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

Document Re-arranger can do what other advanced text editor (even Microsoft Word) can't. It can restore the text in a document that has been formatted with a broken line / row. You know the files that have two short rows because they were formatted for other pages layout than A4/L8. Also if you try to copy/paste text from PDF documents to Word you. Freeware download of Document re-arranger 1.6.2, size 167.77 Kb.

Compact NFO Viewer 1.5.6 CubicDesign 

Utilities \ Text Editors

Compact NFO Viewer is the most popular utility designed for viewing text files containing ASCII Art (e.g. nfo files), and it proved itself to be handy.

Disk Tools 3.1.2 CubicDesign 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

This software tool consists of four modules: File Generator, Data Wipe, Drive Speed, Free Disk Space. The Disk Tools program is currently used by used by many corporations, professional labs, IT publications, hardware review web sites, hardware and software engineers, in performance testes. Disk Tools Disk Tools are. Freeware download of Disk Tools 3.1.2, size 1.52 Mb.

Genial renamer CubicDesign 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

Batch rename all files and subfolders in a folder. Very useful to batch rename you picture/mp3 collection.

FirstClass Anti-logoff CubicDesign 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Isnd-deOaot annoying when FirstClass (Embanet) program automatically log you off when you are not around your computer? Download the program, start it, minimize it and forget it. It will catch any attempt of FirstClass to. Freeware download of FirstClass Anti-logoff, size 650.12 Kb.

MemAlloc CubicDesign 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

MemAlloc is a free memory allocation tool. It allows you to stress and test your Windows operating system by requesting any amount of memory you want. * Easily simulate a. Freeware download of MemAlloc, size 450.89 Kb.