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Azariah's Labyrinth 1.1 Cyragon 

Games \ Role Playing

After finding The Key in our last adventure game, the Exiles have once again requested your help, this time discovering the secret of a strange world found while the Valley of Stars was being restored. Hidden in a mountain on this world is a room with four wormhole transporters, each of which take you back to the same room. If the wrong doors are. Freeware download of Azariah's Labyrinth 1.1, size 12.08 Mb.


The Key 1.72 Cyragon 

Games \ Role Playing

The Key is a graphical adventure which takes place in the late 22nd Century. Earth has just begun exploring the galaxy when you, the pilot of the starship Explorer 7, are contacted by an unknown alien race called the Exiles.The Exiles claim that they are fighting to preserve Earth from a powerful menace, but that they are losing the war because a. Freeware download of The Key 1.72, size 135.55 Mb.