Products of Data Designs

LoanShark 7.5 Data Designs 

Business \ Finance

Mortgage loan income and amortization management ... track monthly, biweekly, weekly or random mortgage payments ... provisions for penalty or late fees, additional principal, apply escrow taxes and or insurance payments received and disbursed ... unlimited accounts ... includes loan payment calculator ... view and print payment history for any. Free download of LoanShark 7.5, size 5.90 Mb.


RentKeep 1.2 Data Designs 

Business \ Finance

Rental Property Management Software for Landlords and Owners. Track income and operating expenses of home rentals, apartment buildings and commercial rental properties. Manage checking account, escrow and deposit receipts, assets, expenses, business mileage and more.. Free download of RentKeep 1.2, size 6.16 Mb.

JobQuest 2.2 Data Designs 

Business \ Applications

Job Scheduling and Invoicing for Service Business. Provision for multiple jobsites to be billed to the same customer. Preview and print reports of income for any chosen period, customer payment history, instant letters and envelopes. Autodial phone, email or write to customers, contacts or suppliers from within the program. Detailed summaries of. Free download of JobQuest 2.2, size 7.16 Mb.

My Empire 2 Data Designs 

Business \ Personal Info. Managers

Complete Business, Home and Personal Property Inventory and Cataloging. Stores all your personal, household and business items in one easy application. No preset choices to limit location or places. Categories can be whatever you decide to name them and as many as you can think of. Log purchase, insurance, repair or service names and addresses,. Free download of My Empire 2, size 6.47 Mb.