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EzMigration Data Protection Solutions by Arco 


Storage is pretty cheap now compared to back in the day. As a result, folks are happily filling up their disks knowing that they can always buy a bigger drive when they run out of room. But here's the problem - if you want to migrate your operating system and applications to a larger drive, you can just go willy nilly copying. Free download of EzMigration, size 10.24 Mb.


EzBackup101 1.0 Data Protection Solutions by Arco 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

EzBackup101 is designed especially for people who don't know a lot about computers. It's not confusing or complicated and doesn't fill your screen with all kinds of geeky stuff. Just install it, point it to your backup drive (such as an external USB drive) and you're good to go. Set up your own backup schedule if you prefer, backup manually, or. Free download of EzBackup101 1.0, size 12.39 Mb.

EzBackup 4 Data Protection Solutions by Arco 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

With EzBackup, backing up to another drive is easy as 1, 2, 3. First, EzBackup will transfer an exact image copy of your hard drive--partitions, preferences, everything--to your backup drive. Use EzBackup with any internal or external storage drive. Next, just point and click to tell EzBackup which files you want backed up on a regular basis and. Free download of EzBackup 4, size 8.16 Mb.