Products of DataEnter GmbH

CryptoFilter 3.04 DataEnter GmbH 

Security & Privacy

CryptoFilter is a server tool that intends to help you filter the messages delivered to the Exchange server. The program can be installed as a service that checks the messages before they are delivered to the Exchange server. You can create rules that are used to protect the Exchange server from receiving potentially dangerous files.


DataEnter LogView 1.05 DataEnter GmbH 

Internet \ Server

DataEnter LogView is a command line tool that allows you to view the log files from other DataEnter applications. You can use it to view the content of a log file generated by SMTPBeamer, AirSyncFilter or CryptoFilter. . Free download of DataEnter LogView 1.05, size 0 b.

SMTPSend 3.54 DataEnter GmbH 

Internet \ Server

SMTPSend is a lightweight application that allows you to send email messages by using a command line interface or a batch file. The program can be accessed in the Command Prompt window in order to enter all the parameters of the email. You can import the mail subject from HTML or text files and attach files to the message by using the. Free download of SMTPSend 3.54, size 0 b.

ExchImp 3.34 DataEnter GmbH 

Internet \ Server

ExchImp is a compact tool that allows you to import Exchange E-mail addresses to a local DAT file. The program allows you to select the Outlook profile that you want to use before importing the addresses. You can also use command line arguments in order to select the addresses that you want to import or to select the Outlook profile used. Free download of ExchImp 3.34, size 0 b.

TextMX 3.14 DataEnter GmbH 

Internet \ Server

TextMX is a command line utility designed to resolve the Mx record for a specified domain in order to check if it accepts email messages. The program can be used in the Command Prompt window or by creating batch files for repeated actions. It is a practical tool for troubleshooting the email server problems and to check the accessibility. Free download of TextMX 3.14, size 0 b.

AirSyncFilter 3.02 DataEnter GmbH 

Internet \ Server

AirSyncFilter is a Microsoft Exchange tool that allows you to filter the data traffic between a mobile phone and the Exchange server. The program allows you to set up multiple devices and to create rules in order to filter the data transmitted from the server or from the device. With this tool you can select the information that reaches. Free download of AirSyncFilter 3.02, size 0 b.