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DataWeigher 2.8 

Development \ Database

DataWeigher compares and synchronizes the content of the MS Access databases. You can select any tables and fields from two MS Access databases and DataWeigher will show you which data records are equal, added, deleted, modified. The comparison result is very visual, each type of records has its own color. You can easily review it and save as HTML. Free download of DataWeigher 2.8, size 2.00 Mb.


DbWeigher 2.8 

Development \ Database

The DbWeigher is the software for developers using MS Access database as database backend. You can just choose any two mdb files and see. Free download of DbWeigher 2.8, size 906.06 Kb.

DBWScript 3.0 

Development \ Database

The DBWScript is the software for MS Access databases to generate creation scripts. This utility generates the SQL script that contains Data Definition Language (DDL) commands. Using this script you can recreate a database structure (tables, fields, indexes, keys, constraints) and data.. Free download of DBWScript 3.0, size 919.94 Kb.