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VisNetic GroupWare 9.3.2 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

VisNetic GroupWare, a separately licensed component of VisNetic MailServer, provides full public and private calendaring, task lists, a full event system with reminders and shared address book to individuals in your organization, whether they are using Microsoft Outlook, VisNetic WebMail or any other application. VisNetic GroupWare will allow. Free download of VisNetic GroupWare 9.3.2, size 46.07 Mb. DNS2Go 4. 3. 2002 


DNS2GO by is a Dynamic DNS updater for Windows. When you register a domain with the DNS2Go servers, you can set this application to update your IP address on a regular basis. Thus, by telling the servers what your IP address is, you can access your computer at any time by simply inputing the name of your domain, instead of an IP. Freeware download of DNS2Go 4. 3. 2002, size 0 b.

VisNetic WebSite 3.5.19 

Internet \ Server

WebSite is web server software well suited to host ecommerce stores, virtual domains, business & personal websites. WebSite provides stable & reliable performance with easy administration. As the first web server for the Windows OS, WebSite established itself as O'Reilly WebSite Professional. WebSite meets the requirements & pocketbook. Free download of VisNetic WebSite 3.5.19, size 3.73 Mb.

VisNetic MailFlow 3.8 

Internet \ Mail

Comprehensive email response management and archiving software. Administer defined routing rules allow in coming emails to be automatically handled and routed to the appropriate agent groups for prompt attention. Administer defined agent rights determine scope of availability of features that include the ability to view messages, view complete. Free download of VisNetic MailFlow 3.8, size 7.10 Mb.

VisNetic Firewall 2.3 

Utilities \ Security

VisNetic Firewall is a stateful packet level firewall solution built to protect Windows-based Servers, telecommuters / mobile users, and LAN workstations not currently protected by a firewall. VisNetic Firewall is more secure than application-based personal firewalls, yet less expensive than high-end firewalls, providing peace-of-mind through. Free download of VisNetic Firewall 2.3, size 4.71 Mb.

VisNetic MailScan for SMTP 4.5 

Utilities \ Anti-Virus Utilities

Unsurpassed Email Protection:VisNetic MailScan for SMTP offers incredible network protection and an unsurpassed ability to detect, detain and delete infected Email. The revolutionary software has the ability to automatically upgrade and reconfigure itself with updated anti-virus information. VisNetic MailScan also prevents inappropriate content. Free download of VisNetic MailScan for SMTP 4.5, size 12.80 Mb.

VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in for VisNetic MailServer 4.6 

Utilities \ Anti-Virus Utilities

Powered by Kaspersky Labs, its installed on the email server computer rather than dispersed on each client computer. Infected email can be deleted, quarantined, or forwarded to an administrator. Kasperskys continually updated virus signature list is designed to download only the necessary update information in a small download. VisNetic AntiVirus. Free download of VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in for VisNetic MailServer 4.6, size 6.77 Mb.

VisNetic MailServer 8.3.5 

Internet \ Mail

VisNetic Mail Server is a versatile multi-featured mail server for Windows operating systems. VisNetic Mail Server can be licensed for any size organization as well as ISP and ASP environments. VisNetic Mail Server combines a simple, easy-to-use administration console with unmatched mail server security, speed, and scalability. VisNetic Mail Server. Free download of VisNetic MailServer 8.3.5, size 26.38 Mb.

MailScan for MDaemon 4.5a 

Internet \ Mail

MailScan for MDaemon® is a proven antivirus solution designed to protect against email viruses and block spam. Situated directly on the MDaemon® email server, rather than dispersed on each client computer, MailScan proactively secures the network by banning harmful email messages at the server. MailScan for MDaemon® scans and cleans all. Free download of MailScan for MDaemon 4.5a, size 10.82 Mb.