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Putty-Central 1.0 Default Manufacturer 


Quest PuTTY configuration defaults can be changed using group policy, and some configuration options can be limited or locked by group policy. A source code patch file is provided with each release that contains all the modifications made to the corresponding PuTTY source revision. These modifications are licensed under a Berkeley-style open. Freeware download of Putty-Central 1.0, size 12.71 Mb.


CadrebarViewer 14.0 Default Manufacturer 


CadrebarViewer is an easy to use software tool with a friendly interface that helps the user open and view files and project made with CADrebar Schedule software in the . CadrebarViewer helps you print CADrebar Schedule files and is free to download and use.. Freeware download of CadrebarViewer 14.0, size 663.55 Kb.

DNL Reader 8.0.10 Default Manufacturer 


DNL Reader is a free software that allows you to view .dnl files. DNL files are data files that require the installation of the dnl reader.Viewing DNL ePublication is safe.Being data files the DNL files cannot be infected by viruses, trojans or any other malicious software.. Freeware download of DNL Reader 8.0.10, size 1.11 Mb.

GIMP2.6 2 6 Default Manufacturer 


GIMP has many capabilities. It can be used as a simple paint program, an expert quality photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, a mass production image renderer, an image format converter, etc. GIMP is expandable and extensible. It is designed to be augmented with plug-ins and extensions to do just about anything. The. Freeware download of GIMP2.6 2 6, size 20.34 Mb.

UltraEdit 10 EN 17 1 Default Manufacturer 


UltraEdit is a text, HTML and hex editor, and an advanced PHP, Perl, Java and JavaScript editor for programmers. UltraEdit is also an XML editor including a tree-style XML parser. An industry-award winner, UltraEdit supports disk-based 64-bit file handling (standard) on 32-bit Windows platforms (Windows 2000 and later).. Free download of UltraEdit 10 EN 17 1, size 2.52 Mb.