Products of Dennis Bareis

MSIDIFF 06.165 Dennis Bareis 

Development \ Setup Utilities

MSIDIFF is freeware to compare or disassemble Windows Installer databases (a 'MSI to TEXT' utility). While it is a command line based tool, the installer creates shell extensions so that the decompile operations can be invoked by right clicking on a file in Explorer. The output is very easy to read and can be processed by my MAKEMSI tool or. Freeware download of MSIDIFF 06.165, size 203.78 Kb.


MakeMsi 11.0.249 Dennis Bareis 


MAKEMSI is a freeware tool which enables you to easily and reliably create low overhead "MSI" or "Windows Installer" based installers. Windows Installer is a Microsoft developed and backed installer format or technology for building reliable installation packages. - Automatic. Freeware download of MakeMsi 11.0.249, size 7.50 Mb.


Web Development \ HTML Tools

Free powerful but easy to use multiplatform html preprocessor. Includes external files. Imports SQL (and delimited text files). Useful for automated web site development and ensuring a common look and feel. Supports extremely powerful macros and conditional compilation. Has #define, #include, #import, #if, #AsIs, #AutoTag and many other commands.. Freeware download of PPWIZARD - HTML PREPROCESSOR 06.159, size 1.71 Mb.