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mpegable X4 live dicas digital image coding GmbH 


A new dimension in video coding has come, mpegable X4 live ... easy to use, fast, maximum quality and at a reasonable price. Create MPEG-4 videos from your existing media library -- produced with your favourite video editing software -- or directly capturing from your. Free download of mpegable X4 live, size 0 b.


mpegable AVI 2.0 dicas digital image coding GmbH 


mpegable AVI Codec is a plug-in for video software applications. It can be used in conjunction with all types of production / editing software that support Video-for-Windows. The mpegable AVI-Codec provides the MPEG-4 encoding / decoding funcionality within the AVI file-format.. Freeware download of mpegable AVI 2.0, size 0 b.