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Ra Sun Boat Magic Free Edition 1.0 DilmunmWorx 

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The Book Am-Tuat and the Book of Gates are the Ancient Egyptian cosmological treatises describing the architecture and inhabitants of the Tuat - the Underworld - which the boat of the Sun God Ra traverses during the nocturnal hours. The magical Travel was inscribed on the walls of tombs. By the beliefs of the Ancent Egyptians, the passage of the. Freeware download of Ra Sun Boat Magic Free Edition 1.0, size 7.30 Mb.


Genius Loci 1.0 DilmunmWorx 

Education \ Astronomy

The consideration of the Planets in the ’Toposphaera’ – or as we call it nowadays: horizontal coordinate system - was important part of the ancient astrological approach to the celestial phenomena. Genius Loci 1.0 is an innovative software displaying Azimuth (measured from South) and Altitude (mathematical and refracted) values. Freeware download of Genius Loci 1.0, size 17.09 Mb.