Products of Distribution Hiven Enr.

Students grades 1.0 Distribution Hiven Enr. 

Education \ Miscellaneous

A simple software to manage student grades, calculations are all over. FEATURES: possibility to enter 30 exercises, a report with the last exercises, a student list, a board to facilitate data entry, etc. You can modify the student marks and even the value of your assessments (the software will adjust itself automatically). DIRECTIONS: decompress. Free download of Students grades 1.0, size 932.86 Kb.


Hockey Pool 1.0 Distribution Hiven Enr. 

Games \ Sports

A simple software that will improve your chances to end up first, when arrives the time of exchanges in your Pool. You will be holding in your hands, in the right time, the most productive players. FEATURES: the evolution of the players on a graph, a general classification with the average of the ten last games, an index, a board showing the. Free download of Hockey Pool 1.0, size 915.46 Kb.

Invoices 1.0 Distribution Hiven Enr. 

Business \ Applications

A simple software for manage all of invoices. FEATURES: print invoice, you can modify or delete an invoice, no need to manage the customer file (the software will do it automatically), adjust the invoice number, find easily an invoice, print a tax report from a specific time period, payment, balance, invoices summary, aged report, customer history,. Free download of Invoices 1.0, size 931.84 Kb.