Products of Divernova Games

Cocotrap 1.0.0 Divernova Games 

Games \ Arcade Style

Help Boxy to capture all the coconuts before the ghosts capture you. There are three bonus levels with mini-games to get extra points. You have four special coconuts to kill the ghosts. Each time you finish three levels you will see an extra bonus screen with a mini-game. There are a total of three different mini-games. You start with three lives. Freeware download of Cocotrap 1.0.0, size 11.31 Mb.


Intrepid Racers 1.0.0 Divernova Games 

Games \ Driving

Put the controls of a sports car at 250 KM / H and try to reach the goal before it is over time. But you must avoid traffic and avoid colliding with other vehicles. There are a total of 6 circuits: forest, desert, mountain, west, snow and night. Use the keyboard cursors to turn, accelerate or brake. You can also play with the joystick. You can use. Freeware download of Intrepid Racers 1.0.0, size 46.91 Mb.

Pequepon 2 1.0.0 Divernova Games 

Games \ Fantasy Games

Jump and run with Pequepon in this colorful platform game where we make a different mission for every world we visit. These are the worlds: TEMPLE: Explore. Freeware download of Pequepon 2 1.0.0, size 19.37 Mb.

JR to the Rescue 1.0.0 Divernova Games 

Games \ Action

JR to the Rescue is a Game & Watch remake of the Donkey Kong JR game. We must to guide to JR to rescue his father who has been imprisoned by Mario. To accomplish our goal we must get the key and open the cage. If we reach 300 points will recover the lost lives or get double score. The game graphics are available in Modern and classic mode.. Free download of JR to the Rescue 1.0.0, size 12.79 Mb.

Pequepon Adventures 1.0.0 Divernova Games 

Games \ Fantasy Games

Pequepon Adventures is a platforms game whose mission is to guide Pequepon through 30 levels and to rescue her small friends. The enemies can not be eliminated, we should avoid touching. At each level we must find a key and open the door where a small pequepon is caught.. Free download of Pequepon Adventures 1.0.0, size 19.37 Mb.