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DC Tiles 1.2 

Home & Personal \ Hobbies

A customizable tile matching (memory) game written in C#. Written as a project for the DonationCoder ( coding school forum. You can create custom tile sets and share them with your friends. Requires .net framework.. Freeware download of DC Tiles 1.2, size 1.05 Mb.


DrWindows 1.05.01 

Multimedia \ Misc. Graphics

Dr.Windows is a joke program that displays funny fake windows error messages at random times. They look just like the real windows error messages you know and love except they are funnier. You can use it to play tricks on people. Make your own custom dialogs and share them with the world!. Freeware download of DrWindows 1.05.01, size 1.05 Mb.

Mobysaurus Thesaurus 1.0.55 

Education \ Language

Mobysaurus Thesaurus is a English thesaurus tool that helps you write and speak better by leading you to the right word for every purpose or occasion. The program is powered by the most recent version of Moby Thesaurus (compiled by Grady Ward), which is the large and most comprehensive English thesaurus data source available to date in the public. Freeware download of Mobysaurus Thesaurus 1.0.55, size 4.94 Mb.

URL Snooper 2.30.1 


URL Snooper was written to help users locate the urls of audio and video files so that they can be recorded. Many links to streaming audio and video that you come across on the web are hidden behind javascript or activex scripts. Because of this, it is sometimes very difficult to figure out the actual urls that correspond to the streams being. Freeware download of URL Snooper 2.30.1, size 3.53 Mb.

Clipboard Help+Spell 2. 11. 2001 


Clipboard Help Spell is a useful clipboard manager. The program watches your keystrokes activity, and enables you to browse all of your old and newly saved clipboard texts. In addition, you can sort them into folders, add them to your favorites, and move them to the program's special recycle panel. - Database. Free download of Clipboard Help+Spell 2. 11. 2001, size 5.51 Mb.

DesktopCoral 1. 10. 2001 


DesktopCoral is an unusual program designed to "reserve" some portion of your desktop which is shielded from maximized applications.. Essentially, it acts like an invisible resizeable docking bar, which can be docked to any side of your desktop. This invisible dock acts as a barrier to maximized applications and essentially shields this. Freeware download of DesktopCoral 1. 10. 2001, size 1.38 Mb.

LaunchBar Commander 1.127.1 


LaunchBar Commander is a highly customizable professional Launch Bar and Tray Menu tool with tons of features and a powerful configuration gui. It includes advanced button and menu types like Tool Buttons, Batch Buttons, Virtual Links anre more. Full drag+drop support for configuration and launching.. Freeware download of LaunchBar Commander 1.127.1, size 3.18 Mb.

PopUp Wisdom 1. 7. 2001 


PopUp Wisdom displays famous and not-so-famous quotes and humour on deman or at a timed shedule. Easily add your own messages and reminders. Supports forunte file format. Supports multiple books.. Freeware download of PopUp Wisdom 1. 7. 2001, size 3.00 Mb.

Point Motivator 1. 7. 2001 

Home & Personal

Point Motivator is an application to help motivate you to do the things you want to do. It lets. Freeware download of Point Motivator 1. 7. 2001, size 2.40 Mb.

The Form Letter Machine 1. 12. 2001 


The Form Letter Machine is a program that will help you to write letters and emails by mixing and matching from pre-written paragraphs. It's useful for people who regularly need to send out emails which include different components in different circumstances. For example if you field technical support requests, or if you need to. Freeware download of The Form Letter Machine 1. 12. 2001, size 2.23 Mb.

Unicode Image Maker 1.13.01 


Unicode Image Maker lets you create images from text. You can either type into the program in a certain font or add a character using the 'Insert Symbol' option. It is useful for adding unicode text as images in graphics applications that cannot directly support Unicode.. Freeware download of Unicode Image Maker 1.13.01, size 3.48 Mb.

Find and Run Robot 2.0 


Find and Run Robot is a program for keyboard maniacs - it helps you rapidly find programs or documents from within the depths of the start menu (or other directories). One keypress launches the utility - then just start typing the first letters of the application you want to launch. As you type the best matches are shown - just hit the number to. Freeware download of Find and Run Robot 2.0, size 0 b.

Screenshot Captor 2.103.1 


Screenshot Captor is a powerful yet easy to use application that allows you to take screenshots on your computer. This program is optimized for taking lots of screenshots with minimal intervention. It provides a full set of scanner acquisition tools and scanner image correction, perfect capture of Windows 7 partial transparency effects, smart. Freeware download of Screenshot Captor 2.103.1, size 9.33 Mb.

Web Log Filter 1. 9. 2001 

Web Development

Web Log Filter is a helper utility for people who have huge (Apache) web log files, over a gigabyte in size, and want to be able to analyze these logs in standard web log analysis tools. Web Log Filter runs simple scripts that will rip through a log file at blazing speed and extract just the lines you care about (discarding the rest) and create one. Freeware download of Web Log Filter 1. 9. 2001, size 1.11 Mb.

TapTap Hotkey Extender 1. 3. 2001 


TapTap Hotkey Extender is a tiny super-efficient tray-based utility (under 100k) for keyboard fanatics. It monitors for certain unusual hotkey combinations not supported by most programs (like doubletap right shift key). When such hotkey combinations are detected, TapTap will simulate a normal hotkey that the user has configured. In this way, you. Freeware download of TapTap Hotkey Extender 1. 3. 2001, size 348.16 Kb.