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Autopilot Game 1.1.6 Dosware LLC 

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Welcome to the world of fun and banter! Autopilot game is a parody of real life. The main character, slogger Bob, has his weaknesses, just like anyone else. On his way home he often allows himself to drink. Freeware download of Autopilot Game 1.1.6, size 28.10 Mb.


Quick Bob 1.1.5 Dosware LLC 

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Conveniently located in the cozy bar with friends, Bob decided to relax a bit after a hard day's work... Bob decides to skip pair of beers and admire the beautiful ladies, and his anxious friends went to play billiards... But seems he would be unable to rest... And then he turned up in the heart of the hectic kaleidoscope of events. The. Freeware download of Quick Bob 1.1.5, size 28.00 Mb.

2048 Diablo 1.0.1 Dosware LLC 

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2048 Diablo Edition! Well known game with unique design and view! You will get your mana by each. Freeware download of 2048 Diablo 1.0.1, size 16.46 Mb.