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eCalc Scientific Calculator 1.5.2 eCalc 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

eCalc is an easy to use scientific calculator with many advanced features including unit conversion, complex number math, equation solving, and even support for both algebraic and RPN operating modes. The calculator has an attractive user interface with large buttons, an easy to read multiline display, and support for six color themes.eCalc. Free download of eCalc Scientific Calculator 1.5.2, size 1.61 Mb.


eCalc Calculator 1.01 eCalc 

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eCalc is a free Windows calculator with basic and scientific functions. The calculator is designed with a high level of aesthetics, including large buttons and an easy to read display. The calculator operates with a frameless border and stays open above your other programs - making it an ideal side companion tool. Notable features of this. Freeware download of eCalc Calculator 1.01, size 746.45 Kb.