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eDocfile PDF Distributor 1.0 eDocFile 

Security & Privacy

PDF Distributor is a program that will separate a multi-page text searchable PDF and distribute it via email based upon its contents. Instead of using a conventional printer, the user prints the statement or report with a program. Free download of eDocfile PDF Distributor 1.0, size 14.76 Mb.


eDocfile Doc Viewer 1.0 eDocFile 


Doc Viewer is a tool designed to allow a user to quickly enter indexing information for a document and to create a simple work flow, move, rename, split and combine tiff images and PDF files. Used in its most basic form it is a quick way to rename and move scanned images into a logical file folder hierarchy. In its most complex use it can be. Free download of eDocfile Doc Viewer 1.0, size 35.43 Mb.

eDocfile Easy Mark Index 1.0 eDocFile 


Easy Mark Index is a collection of simple utilities that allow a user to prepare images for use in Litigation Document Management Programs such as Summation and Concordance. - Reading a simple OMR (Optical Mark Read) Form, (commonly called Scantron Sheets or Bubble Forms) to collect index. Free download of eDocfile Easy Mark Index 1.0, size 39.46 Mb.

eDocfile OCR File Splitter 2.0 eDocFile 


OCR File Splitter is a program that is designed to split files based upon text contents. It can be used on Tiff Images (requires Microsoft Office Document Imaging) or searchable PDF files. The program will separate a multi-page file into individual files by applying rules to each page of the document. If text is present that matches a. Free download of eDocfile OCR File Splitter 2.0, size 10.63 Mb.

eDocFile Tiff to Text 4.0 eDocFile 


eDocfile Tiff to Text is a small application designed to batch-convert any amount of TIFF image files into plain text documents using Optical Character Recognition technology. The OCR used by this tool is actually a Microsoft product – Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI). If you happen not to have it installed already on your. Free download of eDocFile Tiff to Text 4.0, size 4.85 Mb.

DocSorter 1.0 eDocFile 

Home & Personal

Doc Sorter is a program designed to sort documents into folders based upon the text content of the file. It will process tiff images if Microsoft Office Document Imaging is present as well as searchable PDF files. The program is designed to run in the background and monitor a folder for incoming facsimiles. When a file is found it is. Free download of DocSorter 1.0, size 10.86 Mb.

eDocFile PDF Filer 2.0 eDocFile 


The concept of PDF Filer is based upon the fact that most structured files can be organized based upon a few pieces of data. And that an easy consistent method is necessary to enter the data. One piece of data has to be something that is completely unique. This could be a record number, employee number, patient number, loan number, invoice number. Free download of eDocFile PDF Filer 2.0, size 21.87 Mb.