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AlgeWorksheets 4.3.2 EleMaths Software 

Education \ Miscellaneous

AlgeWorksheets is a useful program with the help of which you can prepare and print pre-algebra and algebra worksheets or test papers in minutes. With this program, you can easily generate math tests for your students. The sums may be from any one or combination of the following topics: pre-algebra (integers), algebraic expressions,. Free download of AlgeWorksheets 4.3.2, size 0 b.


AlgeBasics 5.0 EleMaths Software 

Education \ Miscellaneous

AlgeBasics covers the teaching, learning and testing of basic algebra, including algebraic expressions, such as: · removal of brackets for simplifying expressions e.g. 6a - (-2b) =. Free download of AlgeBasics 5.0, size 0 b.

MegaMensuration 1.3.1 EleMaths Software 

Education \ Miscellaneous

MegaMensuration will offer users a comprehensive set of questions from the following categories: surfacea area, volume, perimeter or area. Every sums will come with a clearly labelled diagram to facilitate. Free download of MegaMensuration 1.3.1, size 0 b.

Mega Mensuration 1.3 EleMaths Software 

Education \ Mathmatics

An application that measures any geometrical shapes It explains how the mensuration formulas for the circumference and area of circles and semicircles; arc lengths and areas of. Free download of Mega Mensuration 1.3, size 10.60 Mb.

AlgeFactors 3.2.1 EleMaths Software 

Education \ Miscellaneous

AlgeFactors is a user-friendly computer software useful at teaching and learning of secondary school Mathematics.The contents of our software are based on the Singapore syllabus for Mathematics and teaching methods being used in Singapore secondary schools. During practice sessions, students have a choice of three levels of difficult:. Free download of AlgeFactors 3.2.1, size 0 b.

FractionsPractice 2.0.1 EleMaths Software 


With FractionsPractice you will generate sums on fractions and decimals for practice. Four levels of difficulty for fractions, namely:. Free download of FractionsPractice 2.0.1, size 6.52 Mb.

SigniFigures for Mac OS X 3.0.2 EleMaths Software 

Education \ Miscellaneous

Shows how to identify the significant figures in a given number and provides a few simple rules for expressing a given number correct to a specified number of significant figures. Simple mental exercises at the end of each session help students to remember the rules learnt. Worked examples on conversion from ordinary form to Standard Form,. Free download of SigniFigures for Mac OS X 3.0.2, size 1.78 Mb.

PanIntegers for Mac OS X 2. 6. 2001 EleMaths Software 

Education \ Miscellaneous

Introduces the rules for the multiplication and division of positive and negative integers, followed by the concept of addition and subtraction. Teaches the easy way to remove brackets. With these basic skills, students will be able to do calculations of integers easily. Simple mental exercises at the end of each session help to strengthen. Free download of PanIntegers for Mac OS X 2. 6. 2001, size 4.40 Mb.

AlgeXpansion 3.0.3 EleMaths Software 


AlgeXpansion is an aplication that teaches algebraic expansion. The program is capable of generating hundreds of sums for drills to ensure that the student masters the skills. It includes sums involving perfect squares, such as (2x - 3)2 and difference of two squares, such as (2x + 5)(2x - 5). These sums can be solved by using formulas.

QuadEquations 3.0.1 EleMaths Software 


QuadEquations teaches the solution of quadratic equations by factorisation, by completing the squares and by formula. Special cases of equations involving perfect squares and difference of two squares, using special formulas are also included. It also shows how the formula is derived by using the completing the squares method. . Free download of QuadEquations 3.0.1, size 4.28 Mb.

SimplEquations for Mac OS X 3 1 EleMaths Software 

Education \ Miscellaneous

Software that teaches students how to identify significant figures and how to give answers correct to the required number of significant figures. Simple rules to help students remember better. Software for teaching and learning of linear equations with one unknown. Tutorial with animation for easy understanding. SimplEquations can generate. Free download of SimplEquations for Mac OS X 3 1, size 8.07 Mb.

SimulEquations 3.0.2 EleMaths Software 


SimplEquations is capable of generating hundreds of sums for drills to ensure that the student masters the technique of solving different types of simple equations and inequalities. Equations and inequalities with decimals and fractions are included. The user can choose the type of equations or inequalities he wishes to practice on. For example, if. Free download of SimulEquations 3.0.2, size 7.72 Mb.