Products of ELISOFT CO., LTD.

ES BizCard 1.1 ELISOFT CO., LTD. 

Mobile \ Business

!!FREE bizcard design packets for a limited period of time!! * Manages your bizcards proficiently: users. Freeware download of ES BizCard 1.1, size 29.67 Mb.


Green Transport 1.0 ELISOFT CO., LTD. 

Mobile \ Finance

The app is used for mathematical modeling of fuel consumption for various means of transport, including car, airplane, bicycle and walking. Enter your monthly fuel consumption and make comparison with previous months and compare different means of transport to project your consumption habits into the future. The app generates reports and function. Freeware download of Green Transport 1.0, size 2.20 Mb.

ES Battery 1.0 ELISOFT CO., LTD. 

Mobile \ Productivity

You could have the most powerful smartphone around, but that amounts to naught if it dies out on you every few hours. ES Battery offers a few simple tips and modes and to maximize your phone's battery. ES Battery is easy-to-use. It enables you to get all important status of the battery in percentages in the spot. It also lets you know. Freeware download of ES Battery 1.0, size 3.25 Mb.

ES Password Lite 2.0 ELISOFT CO., LTD. 

Mobile \ Utilities

We live in the era of an ever-increasing number of user accounts and passwords that need to be remembered and properly managed. The more passwords we have, the higher the chance we may forget them. Moreover, if not securely handled, confidential data becomes a lucrative attraction for unauthorized users who can harvest other peoples passwords and. Freeware download of ES Password Lite 2.0, size 13.11 Mb.

ES Kicks & Goals AR 1.0.1 ELISOFT CO., LTD. 

Mobile \ Sports

With ES Kicks & Goals AR! Hope you enjoy it!!!. Freeware download of ES Kicks & Goals AR 1.0.1, size 11.74 Mb.