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Ocean Wolf 3.2 

Games \ Action

A line boat that was on an intercontinental cruise was hijacked. There were a lot of rich people aboard. The terrorists who have a lot of military vessels at their disposal hijacked this watercraft. Your mission is to destroy all of the terrorists and save hostages' lives. An armed ship is your sword of justice. From time to time you are supplied. Freeware download of Ocean Wolf 3.2, size 1.72 Mb.


Free Roulette Premium 2.1 

Games \ Misc. Games

All equipment of a broken craft became useless but a table with roulette is still working. Sometimes the fishes are playing this game. You have a chance to keep them company and to win treasures. Free Roulette Premium immerses the player to the mysterious underwater world and attracts him with money and easy winnings. Melodious music, original idea. Free download of Free Roulette Premium 2.1, size 1.53 Mb.

Vivid Bricks 2.1 

Games \ Puzzle

A small boy's nursery is in mess. Toys are scattered all over the room. Boy's mother would ask him to do the room, but he did not behave. Once, at night, he was awaken by a noise. When he switched on the light, he saw his toys attacking him! He grabbed his toy pistol and opened fire. In this game, you need to help a boy to get rid of toys. Click on. Freeware download of Vivid Bricks 2.1, size 1.91 Mb.

Galaxy Guard 3.2 

Games \ Arcade Style

Your Galaxy is attacked by alien invaders. Your warship was entrusted with an important mission. Infiltrate into the enemy space forces and destroy all command ships that control the military operations. A lot of enemy space fighters and battle planes will stand in your way trying to prevent your state-of-the-art ship from infiltrating into enemy's. Freeware download of Galaxy Guard 3.2, size 2.45 Mb.

Play Solitaire Forever 2.1 

Games \ Card Games

The first thing you do when you start using a computer....Play the most popular and classic card game. This is one of the classic original card games ever made. The game has probably become one of the most popular games since its inclusion in Windows 95. We wish you good luck!. Freeware download of Play Solitaire Forever 2.1, size 3.01 Mb.