Products of Epinoisis Software

Digital Ear Real-Time 4.01 Epinoisis Software 

Multimedia \ Misc. Multimedia Tools

> What is Digital Ear Real-Time? Digital Ear Real-Time can analyze a recorded or live solo performance (e.g. a singing human voice, or a musical instrument) and convert it to a standard MIDI file. That file can be send directly to any synthesizer, or can be imported to your favorite sequencer (e.g. Cubase VST, Cakewalk etc. ) for mixing with. Free download of Digital Ear Real-Time 4.01, size 4.54 Mb.


FMF Skin Creator 1.0.2592 Epinoisis Software 

Web Development

FMF Skin Creator? is software for creating new menu skins for Flash Menu Factory? (FMF). Using this free utility, the users of Flash Menu Factory will be able to unleash their creativity and design new menu skins that will meet their needs. FMF Skin Creator includes a Quick Start Guide, a detailed Help and example and template files. Freeware download of FMF Skin Creator 1.0.2592, size 18.10 Mb.

AudioSnail 1.0 Epinoisis Software 

Multimedia \ Audio & Video Codecs

AudioSnailâ„¢ alters the playback speed of music (or other audio) without any change in pitch, in studio-quality. This makes it a powerful learning tool for all musicians. Slow down even the fastest riffs, learn to play any recorded solo, pick out chords and other parts. Absorb the phrasing and style of your favorite artists at your own pace.. Free download of AudioSnail 1.0, size 19.72 Mb.

Flash Menu Factory 1.2 Epinoisis Software 

Development \ Registration Utilities

Flash Menu Factory is a new software application that allows you to create stylish and impressive navigation for your website. Flash Menu Factory requires zero Flash knowledge. Creating a flash menu is a matter of defining your text and the corresponding links, the rest is job of FMF. Flash Menu Factory comes bundled with 106 high quality menu. Free download of Flash Menu Factory 1.2, size 19.73 Mb.