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10BII Calc HD 2.4 Ernest Brock 

Mobile \ Finance

Now iOS7 compatable 10BII Calc HD is a business calculator featuring over 100 built-in functions for business, finance, mathematics and statistics. Easily calculate loan payments, interest rates, amortization, discounted cash-flow analyses, TVM (loans, savings, and leasing), bonds and depreciation using a simplified algebraic entry. Free download of 10BII Calc HD 2.4, size 3.98 Mb.


12Calc 1.0 Ernest Brock 

Mobile \ Finance

12Calc is a full version of the well known HP12C for the iPhone and iPad. It also includes an audit tape, unit converter, worksheets, rotated views, user guide and HD graphics optimized for iPad and iPhone retina displays. Audit Tape: The audit tape keeps a record of your calculations. You can review and mail the results of computations. Free download of 12Calc 1.0, size 4.82 Mb.

BA Finance Plus 1.1 Ernest Brock 

Mobile \ Finance

BA Finance Plus is an emulator of the TI BA II Plus. It is built with the same layout, functions and algorithms of the original. If you are a student or a finance or real estate professional that is already familiar with the BA II Plus you will feel at home with this calculator. The calculator has been optimized for viewing on iPhones. Free download of BA Finance Plus 1.1, size 1.15 Mb.