Products of Eugene Muzychenko

CopyFileFragm Eugene Muzychenko 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

CopyFileFragm is a command line utility designed to manipulate binary file fragments and expand or shrink files. . Free download of CopyFileFragm, size 0 b.


VMWRefresh 1.04 Eugene Muzychenko 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

VMWRefresh is a useful and simple application designed to help users to constantly refresh their virtual machines with ease. . Free download of VMWRefresh 1.04, size 0 b.

shrinkvd Eugene Muzychenko 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

shrinkvd is a little cmd utility designed to reduce in size a pre-allocated VMware virtual disk according to amount of space really occupied by partitions. This utility shrinks a host file. Free download of shrinkvd, size 0 b.

Virtual Audio Cable 4.10 Eugene Muzychenko 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

VAC is intended to connect several audio applications together in real time. It's like a sound card with hardwired input and output: when an application sends an audio stream to a virtual cable, other applications can record this stream from the other cable end. Thus, you can record and process output of almost any audio application by almost any. Free download of Virtual Audio Cable 4.10, size 404.00 Kb.

Wave Clone 1.03 Eugene Muzychenko 

Multimedia \ Sound Tools

Wave Clone allows you to share Wave (MME) devices (ports) among several applications. Because many audio (wave) drivers are single-client, allowing only single application to use each port at same time, you cannot, for example, record from the microphone to two application simultaneously. Wave Clone brings multi-client feature to any audio port in. Free download of Wave Clone 1.03, size 79.87 Kb.