Products of EuropeSoftwares

FastFaxer 2013.1.0 EuropeSoftwares 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

FastFaxer is a convenient application that allows you to create fax templates in order to send multiple messages to different fax numbers. It can be an useful tool for the companies that use the fax machine as a tool for advertising. The flexible template manager allows you to customize the message and to insert fields such as address or. Free download of FastFaxer 2013.1.0, size 0 b.


DactyloMagic Pro 2011.4.0 EuropeSoftwares 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

DactyloMagic is a compact application that allows you to edit text with ease when you are typing, word processing and writing emails. Indeed, this application will allow you to do until about ten to copy / glue, that will remain accessible even after resurgence of your computer. Of a very comfortable use, this utilitarian stands. Free download of DactyloMagic Pro 2011.4.0, size 0 b.

FastSmser 2013.0.0 EuropeSoftwares 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

FastSmser is a practical tool that facilitates the SMS sending to multiple recipients by using customizable templates. The program allows you to create a message template by using predefined fields such as company name, address or other contact information. The contact information will be imported in the application from CSV or TAB files. Free download of FastSmser 2013.0.0, size 0 b.

EuropeSoftwares EasyIconMaker 1.0 EuropeSoftwares 


This software is essential to any person eager to carry out these proper Windows icons. Of share its convivial interface, it is simple to use and its easy control. -. Free download of EuropeSoftwares EasyIconMaker 1.0, size 75.45 Mb.

PBPro 2012 EuropeSoftwares 

Internet \ Mail

Utility which allows you to extract the e-mail addresses of the white pages french. After having done your selection this small software browse all pages and extract the coordinates.. Free download of PBPro 2012, size 1.65 Mb.

EsBackup 2012 EuropeSoftwares 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

Software for backing up files and folders. Easy to use and discreet, he is present as an icon in the taskbar. International languages.. Freeware download of EsBackup 2012, size 1.78 Mb.

EuropeSoftwares EasyBackup 6.0 EuropeSoftwares 


This software allows for backups of EuropeSoftwares, software as well as a personal folder data backup configuration sheets.Features: Updates included and automatic. Free download of EuropeSoftwares EasyBackup 6.0, size 49.68 Mb.

SurfEmail 2012 EuropeSoftwares 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

Navigation Software that captures the internet e-mail addresses contained in the pages visited. Very simple to use. Surf and e-mails are automatically extracts, you have no more than simply record the list of e-mails in a text file. Essential for the campaigns of e-mailing.. Free download of SurfEmail 2012, size 1.53 Mb.

PPPro 2012 EuropeSoftwares 

Internet \ Mail

Utility which allows you to extract the e-mail addresses of the pages pros french. After having done your selection this small software browse all pages and extract the coordinates.. Free download of PPPro 2012, size 1.65 Mb.

DownloadChecker 2012 EuropeSoftwares 

Utilities \ Clipboard

This software monitors the updating of files on the internet. It automatically downloads any file updated. It is present in the form of an icon in the taskbar. International Languages.. Free download of DownloadChecker 2012, size 1.47 Mb.

IconMaker 3.0 EuropeSoftwares 


This software is indispensable to all person anxious to achieve these own icons windows. Of part his/her/its convivial interface, he/it is simple of use and his/her/its comfortable mastery. A simple tracing of mouse is sufficient from a palette of color.. Freeware download of IconMaker 3.0, size 0 b.

EuropeSoftwares EasyFtpClient 1.0 EuropeSoftwares 


EasyFtpClient is conceived expressly for the users who dream to control the transfer of file by Internet in all simplicity. You will carry out your transfers of hand of Master. easyFTPClient ensures the transfers of file towards waiters ftp, whatever their environment. Its intuitive interface and its advanced functions make easyFTPClient a reliable. Free download of EuropeSoftwares EasyFtpClient 1.0, size 83.69 Mb.

EuropeSoftwares PJPro 1.0 EuropeSoftwares 


Utility for extracting data from the white pages website. Make your selection, start the extraction, save the results of the extraction in a text file. Then import this data into a program like EuropeSoftwares FastEmailer to campaigns. -Extraction of fixed. Free download of EuropeSoftwares PJPro 1.0, size 4.31 Mb.

SpySound 2007 EuropeSoftwares 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

This software is an utilitarian kid who permits via internet to listen to the content of a microphone installed on another computer. It programs contains a part server and a client part to install respectively on each of the stations. The configuration of the IP address makes itself respectively in an INI file on every computer. This software is. Free download of SpySound 2007, size 677.89 Kb.

AlarmClockEvent 2007 EuropeSoftwares 

Desktop \ Desktop Tools

Software of management of alarms and events. The events can be of resonant type, message, opening of an application or execution of a script, extinction of the computer. Discreet, this application is present on the office as one icon placed in the rod of the tasks. Internationale languages.. Free download of AlarmClockEvent 2007, size 1.90 Mb.