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DiskReporter Exsense Software 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

DiskReporter is a simple program for report disks and drives information. Get DiskReporter and give it a go to see just how useful it can be for you! dlTE Report drive format, type, root directory, free. Free download of DiskReporter, size 461.37 Kb.


Ragham Exsense Software 

Home & Personal

Ragham is a simple to use application that was designed in order to help you convert price values to words in the Farsi language. . Free download of Ragham, size 0 b.

Exsense SlimCounter Exsense Software 


Exsense SlimCounter is a very slim and quick counter for count numbers. The program works in the background and can increase counter only by one click to SlimCounter icon in the task bar. The application shows the countered number in singel or four digit numbers.. Freeware download of Exsense SlimCounter, size 45.41 Mb.

Exsense GoStop Exsense Software 


Exsense GoStop is a very lite and little stopwatch program. You can press the buttons Start, Stop, Reset StopWatch. At the same time, you can add your stopwatch to storage and so save the storage. The application also allows you to set stopwatch and timer interval.. Freeware download of Exsense GoStop, size 45.41 Mb.

Exsense Noticer 1.0 Exsense Software 

Home & Personal

Noticer is a very lite program for notice messages in different durations. Prerequisite : Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile. Freeware download of Exsense Noticer 1.0, size 77.11 Mb.

Exsense PersianDate Exsense Software 


Exsense PersianDate is a simple program for convert persian to/from gregorian date. The application shows the current date and time in persian and gregorian calendar. The program allows you to customize the output style, as well as the Date and Time style.. Freeware download of Exsense PersianDate, size 45.41 Mb.

Exsense Visual Calculator Exsense Software 


Visual Calculator is a linear and textly calculator. - retrieve numbers and calculated number from history. Freeware download of Exsense Visual Calculator, size 68.95 Mb.

Exsense DiskTray 1.0.15 Exsense Software 


DiskTray is a software for eject and close CD/DVD-Drive door and tray without using CD/DVD-Drive eject button. - Minimize to Task Bar system tray to quick and easy access. Freeware download of Exsense DiskTray 1.0.15, size 69.45 Mb.