Products of EZ Delphi

Performance Graphic Demo 1 2 EZ Delphi 


This component will display a graphic as Task Manager does. All you have to do is provide values "OnFeed" event. You can have as many graphics as you want, you can set grid size, colors, update speed. This component is used in some of the applications on this website: Threads , Printer Usage Monitor, EZ-News.. Free download of Performance Graphic Demo 1 2, size 61.20 Mb.


Printer Usage Monitor EZ Delphi 


Printer Usage Monitor features centralized auditing of print activity on a network of Windows NT/2000 servers (shared printers only), built-in reporting tool with 43 reports provided, additional user reports can be added on fly and reports can be printed, exported or emailed. Also the program can schedule reports, database operations. Freeware download of Printer Usage Monitor, size 2.88 Mb.