Products of Family Software Solutions

Family PopUP Blocker 2.1 Family Software Solutions 

Internet \ Misc. Network

Family PopUP Blocker stops popups dead in their tracks! our brilliant new software is the only popup software you will ever need. Family PopUp Blocker will intelligently scan for popups on all websites you visit and if it finds some it will stop them before they even get chance to surface. Our patented intelligent scanner even scans for new popups. Free download of Family PopUP Blocker 2.1, size 2.51 Mb.


Family Password Manager 1.2 Family Software Solutions 

Security & Privacy

Family Password Manager is a brilliant new password management program from Family Software Solutions. Never forget a password ever again, our secure program keeps all of your passwords in one handy location. Program updates are free of charge for the life of the program. Family Password Manager is so easy to use even the kids can do it!.

Family E-Mail Spoofer 1.2 Family Software Solutions 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

Wind your family and friends up with our great new program Family E-Mail Spoofer. With our program you can send spoofed emails To anyone and FROM anyone with the click of a button. You could send an email from the Queen or even President Bush,its up to you. Family E-Mail Spoofer hides all traces of your proper email address so the recipient thinks. Free download of Family E-Mail Spoofer 1.2, size 943.72 Kb.

Family Folder Hider 2.8.1 Family Software Solutions 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

Family Folder Hider lets you hide all your sensitive information from your kids, spouse or even hackers!. With a couple of clicks of the mouse button any folder can be instantly hidden from view and is in fact removed from all windows explorer's etc. You might have some porn pictures or video's that you want to hide from the kids, our software will. Free download of Family Folder Hider 2.8.1, size 2.60 Mb.