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Mini Golf Solitaire 1.0 Fast Eddie's Software 

Games \ Card Games

Mini Golf Solitaire is a PC version of a classic card game from legendary game developer Sid Sackson. It is a thinking man's solitaire that requires you to think ahead in order to do well. The cards are layed out in a grid and you need to putt your ball to the goal card (the hole) in the least amount of strokes.. Freeware download of Mini Golf Solitaire 1.0, size 886.78 Kb.


Liar's Dice 1.0 Fast Eddie's Software 

Games \ Card Games

Liar's dice is a classic dice game that is all about luck and bluffing. It is a one player game with a computer AI opponent. Can you outwit, outbluff, and outroll the computer? You'll need to if you want to win this game.. Freeware download of Liar's Dice 1.0, size 886.78 Kb.

Cave Dudes 1.0 Fast Eddie's Software 


Cave Dudes is all about primitive warfare. You are a caveman on one side of a hill, and you pick up and throw rocks at your enemy on the other side of the hill. Cave Dudes is four games in one. It has a strategy mode and an arcade mode for one or two players. In the strategy mode you choose the power and angle for your throws as you chuck rocks. Freeware download of Cave Dudes 1.0, size 9.96 Mb.