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[FireLion] Portable Key 1.0 FireLion Co., Ltd 

Security & Privacy \ Access Control

With Two-factor authentication technology, we can turn your flash drive (USB) to the second key. Hackers cannot access to your Windows without this special device.. Free download of [FireLion] Portable Key 1.0, size 2.31 Mb.

[FireLion] Link Sniffer 3.2 FireLion Co., Ltd 

Internet \ Network Monitors

There are a lot of links that are hidden behind javascript or ActiveX. So, they are very DIFFICULT to get their real link for offline usage. These are included windows media streaming, real media streaming, flash video, MMS, RTSP protocolsa€¦ [FireLion] Link Sniffer supports MOST of MULTIMEDIA files like: wma, wmv, mp3, avi, asx, swf, flv, zip,. Free download of [FireLion] Link Sniffer 3.2, size 7.26 Mb.

[FireLion] Get My Files Back 6.0.1 FireLion Co., Ltd 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

[FireLion] Get My Files Back doesn't depend upon the recycle bin or weak "undelete" procedures. It goes straight to the disk drive to identify and recover the file fragments that are still intact but Windows doesn't know how to find.. Free download of [FireLion] Get My Files Back 6.0.1, size 2.56 Mb.

[FireLion] Frost Shield 2.0 FireLion Co., Ltd 

Utilities \ Maintenance

Unwanted actions, converting audio / video files, bad programming error(s), malwares or working with compressed archives sometimes makes your CPU usage 100%.Because these processes completely consume the cpu, your system becomes sluggish to respond and using the computer for other tasks becomes impossible while these processes are running.This. Free download of [FireLion] Frost Shield 2.0, size 3.88 Mb.