Products of FNProgramvare

Restore Backup FNProgramvare 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Restore Backup is a lightweight application designed to help you restore older backups created with CATraxx. Starting with version 6, CATraxx uses a new backup system that is not compatible with previous versions.


Convert ISBN 10 to 13 3 FNProgramvare 

Home & Personal

Convert ISBN 10 to 13 is a compact program that is intended to update the information from your BookCAT database to the ISBN 13 digit format. The interface of the program is very straightforward and allows you to perform the conversion in two clicks. First select the datadase, them click on convert. In order to prevent any data loss you. Free download of Convert ISBN 10 to 13 3, size 0 b.

Export Settings New FNProgramvare 

Home & Personal

Export Settings is a handy program that allows you to create a backup of the settings of any FNProgramvare application. You can use it to export the settings to a registry file that can be restore the parameters with one click.

SoftCAT Free 5.23 FNProgramvare 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

SoftCAT Free is the ultimate software organizer database. SoftCAT Free will help you know what you have and where it is, but it will also help you keep track of important information like serial number, and other registration information. You never know when you need this information! More than 30 data fields will help you track information like. Free download of SoftCAT Free 5.23, size 4.45 Mb.

Change Data Folder Location 3.2 FNProgramvare 

Home & Personal

Change Data Folder Location is a lightweight application designed to help you move the database files for FNProgramvare programs. It can handle all the files generated by BookCAT, CATraxx, CATVids, SoftCAT and StampCAT. If you need to backup your database or simply relocate it to another storage device, this program can do it in just a. Free download of Change Data Folder Location 3.2, size 0 b.

Report Archive Reader 2.11 FNProgramvare 

Home & Personal

Report Archive Reader is a compact application designed to read and to print the archived reports generated with the FNProgramvare programs. Report archiving lets you store report output so that it can be previewed and printed later, without re-accessing the data from which the report was generated. While archiving is very useful for. Free download of Report Archive Reader 2.11, size 0 b.

BookCAT Importer 8.03 FNProgramvare 

Home & Personal

BookCAT Importer is a lightweight application that allows you to import information into your BookCAT database with minimum effort. The program can import the data from the most popular book database managers such as All My Books, Book Collector, Book Library, HomeBase, or Readerware. This application has a wizard-like. Free download of BookCAT Importer 8.03, size 0 b.

CATraxx Audio Player 9.35 FNProgramvare 

Multimedia \ Audio Players

CATraxx Audio Player is a separate program that will play audio files attached to your CATraxx database. While you can of course play audio files from within CATraxx, the audio player is a great alternative if you simply want to play music and do not need to edit data. You can use this program without having CATraxx installed on the computer. Freeware download of CATraxx Audio Player 9.35, size 6.50 Mb.

CATraxx Importer 26.21 FNProgramvare 

Multimedia \ Misc. Multimedia Tools

CATraxx Importer is a compact program designed to help you import information from other programs into the database of the CATraxx application. CATraxx Importer can import data from the following applications: AVCataloger Axialis AX-CDPlayer CD Datenbank CDPlayer.ini CD Trustee Davilex Music Manager 98/2000 ERG Music Database Music. Freeware download of CATraxx Importer 26.21, size 2.52 Mb.

CATVids 9.33 FNProgramvare 

Home & Personal \ Hobbies

CATVids is a comprehensive video organizer database which will help you catalog a video collection of any kind, from DVDs to Blu-Ray discs to VHS tapes. Quickly catalog your collection by downloading data from the internet. CATVids will keep track of not only your pre-recorded material such a movies and tv-series, but also home videos and anything. Free download of CATVids 9.33, size 7.92 Mb.

StampCAT 10.23 FNProgramvare 

Home & Personal \ Hobbies

StampCAT is powerful stamp organizer database that will help you maintain a detailed record of your collection. StampCAT will help you keep track of what you have, where it is, and the total value of your collection. With StampCAT philatelists of all ages are enjoying their hobby even more! You can work with an unlimited number of. Free download of StampCAT 10.23, size 3.23 Mb.

CATraxx 9.44 FNProgramvare 

Home & Personal \ Hobbies

CATraxx is a powerful music organizer database which will help you catalog a music collection of any kind, from vinyl records to CDs to MP3s. Automatically download CD data from the Internet, or scan your hard drive for audio files. A comprehensive set a data fields enables you to keep track of a wide range of information. With CATraxx, you are in. Free download of CATraxx 9.44, size 17.67 Mb.

SoftCAT 5.23 FNProgramvare 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

SoftCAT is the ultimate software organizer database. The AutoCatalog feature will automatically add all programs installed on your computer. SoftCAT will help you know what you have and where it is, but it will also help you keep track of important information like serial number, and other registration information. You never know when you need this. Free download of SoftCAT 5.23, size 4.45 Mb.

AssetCAT 1.21 FNProgramvare 

Home & Personal \ Home Inventory

AssetCAT is a powerful inventory database program that will assist you in keeping track of your household items, valuables and collectibles. AssetCAT allows you to catalog a wide range of information, and create customized reports with details on each item including photos for your own records, or to share with your insurance agent so that you will. Free download of AssetCAT 1.21, size 12.03 Mb.

BookCAT 10.22 FNProgramvare 

Home & Personal \ Hobbies

BookCAT is a fully featured book organizer database which will help you catalog a book collection of any size. Book lovers, churches, schools, clubs and business libraries all over the world are discovering that it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to get a sophisticated inventory manager that will keep track of a large (or small) book. Free download of BookCAT 10.22, size 12.03 Mb.