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iLightnings 1.0 Funpoint 

Games \ Misc. Games

Welcome to iLightnings the new iPhone / iPodTouch application. iLightnings is a small application that simulates lightnings in a photo-realistic way. Move your finger on your iPhone/IpodTouch screen and the lightning will follow your finger. The 3D sound is as realistic as it possibly can, and lightnings sparks when you touch your screen. If you. Free download of iLightnings 1.0, size 9.22 Kb.


3D Fish Tank 1.0 Funpoint 

Desktop \ Screen Savers

Welcome to 3D Fish Tank the new iPhone / iPod application. 3D Fish Tank is so real that it is like having an aquarium in the palm of your hand. The aquarium is totally in 3D, you can swim with the fish and have several camera angles. 3D Fish tank is an healthy and beautiful application, it is not a game, but if you want to relax between 2 meetings. Free download of 3D Fish Tank 1.0, size 43.01 Kb.