Products of Gael Ltd

Q-Pulse Reporting 1.08.1 Gael Ltd 

Mobile \ Business

Q-Pulse Reporting for iPad makes the task of capturing data and information easier by combining the power of Q-Pulses reporting module with the functionality and mobility of the iPad. The app removes the need to manage mountains of paperwork during the reporting process. Reports are made available on the app and on the move, removing. Freeware download of Q-Pulse Reporting 1.08.1, size 18.35 Mb.


Q-Pulse Audit 1.21.01 Gael Ltd 

Mobile \ Business

Q-Pulse Audit for iPad is a mobile application which revolutionises the Auditing process, combining the power of Q-Pulse with the mobility and flexibility of the iPad. Q-Pulse Audit replaces the need for paperwork to be carried on-site as documentation, guidance notes and checklists are available through the app. Checklists with. Freeware download of Q-Pulse Audit 1.21.01, size 11.32 Mb.

Q-Pulse Docs 1.50.01 Gael Ltd 

Mobile \ Business

Q-Pulse Docs for iPad works with Gaels compliance management solution to deliver secure access to any document, any time and any place within a compliance or regulated environment, in order to ensure that information is up-to-date and has been read and understood by the relevant people. Q-Pulse Docs for iPad is a document viewer that. Freeware download of Q-Pulse Docs 1.50.01, size 17.83 Mb.

MindGenius Viewer Gael Ltd 


The MindGenius viewer has been developed to provide map viewing capability to those who don't require the information capture, analysis, task management, formatting and export abilities of the full version. With the MindGenius Viewer you can open maps sent to you by friends and colleagues, add your comments and send it on.. Freeware download of MindGenius Viewer, size 21.68 Mb.