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High Flyer Jetpack Tests 1.0 Game Mechanic Studios 

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Take flight in the skies of Machine City and help the younger Arreon perfect one of his earlier jetpack prototypes! Fly at blazing fast speeds in over 35 unique mini games. The Jetpack Tests take place 16 years after the Sundering but before Arreon becomes a Death Defyer. Arreon will roll, airplane dive, and dodge his way through dangerous. Freeware download of High Flyer Jetpack Tests 1.0, size 93.53 Mb.


HighFlyer DeathDefyer (i4) 1.1 Game Mechanic Studios 

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Reviews: The best feature of the game is the virtual skydiving as well as the attention to level design. I took. Free download of HighFlyer DeathDefyer (i4) 1.1, size 235.93 Mb.