Products of Gary Beene's Information Centers

gbFind 7 1 Gary Beene's Information Centers 


gbFind is an easy-to-use utility to store and search single or multi-line text data in up to 3 files. Additional features include: - Backup/restore. Freeware download of gbFind 7 1, size 419.84 Kb.


gbAnimator 5.5.282 Gary Beene's Information Centers 


gbAnimator is a fun and addictive program for creating animated 2D models - shapes that fall, walk, run, bounce, and roll. It is also a great way to demonstrate basic physics concepts. gbAnimator creates models made of masses linked together with springs. You can drop the models and see how they land, bounce, roll or crash! You can. Freeware download of gbAnimator 5.5.282, size 47.01 Mb.

gbXML 1.2.191 Gary Beene's Information Centers 


gbXML is a graphical interface for building XML-formatted language definition files that can be used by CodeMax, a powerful editor control released by WinMain. The CodeMax control distribution includes samples of language definition files, but provides no mechanism for creating the files. Users must create the files manually using a text editor.. Freeware download of gbXML 1.2.191, size 1.48 Mb.

gbWebCam Gary Beene's Information Centers 


gbWebCam provides an extremely easy-to-use method for capturing images from a webcam and transferring the images to a server for display on a web page. It has one of the most comprehensive feature sets of any webcam software available today! - user-defined. Free download of gbWebCam, size 1.33 Mb.

gbRegistry Gary Beene's Information Centers 


gbRegistry displays all of the VB programs found in the registry. The Visual Basic language provides internal support for managing. Freeware download of gbRegistry, size 75.21 Mb.

gbPlot 4.0 Gary Beene's Information Centers 


gbPlot provides colorful plots of 3D surface equations. Features include pre-loaded equations, retreival of equations from an online database of over 75,000,000 equations, solid, wireframe, and point image formats. gbPlot allows the user. Freeware download of gbPlot 4.0, size 3.55 Mb.

gbData 2.0 Gary Beene's Information Centers 


Data is entered using a simple Excel-compatible spreadsheet. The resulting 3D surface plots may be viewed, rotated, and copied to the clipboard. A variety of other data, spreadsheet, and image manipulations are available. - Automatic. Freeware download of gbData 2.0, size 3.54 Mb.

gbCodeLib 9.0.188 Gary Beene's Information Centers 


gbCodeLib is a full-featured, multi-language source code librarian. It has a powerful, built-in source code editor and revision control manager. gbCodeLib has an easy-to-use interface yet provides one of the largest feature sets of any code librarian available today. Over 1000 sample source code snippets, including language. Free download of gbCodeLib 9.0.188, size 2.83 Mb.