Products of Georgy Yunaev

karlyriceditor 1.1 Georgy Yunaev 

Multimedia \ Misc. Multimedia Tools

Karaoke Lyric Editor is Qt-based GUI application to edit and test Karaoke lyrics in popular lyric formats. Features full support for non-English languages, support for CDG, LRC and UltraStar specifics, and built-in karaoke testing window. Import/Export in. Free download of karlyriceditor 1.1, size 5.60 Mb.


kchmviewer for Windows 6.0 Georgy Yunaev 

Development \ Components and Libraries

kchmviewer is a CHM (Winhelp) files viewer written on Qt/KDE. It can be build as a standalone Qt-based application, or a KDE application. The main point of kchmviewer is compatibility with non-English chm files, including most international charsets.. Free download of kchmviewer for Windows 6.0, size 10.85 Mb.

libircclient 1.5 Georgy Yunaev 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

libircclient was developed as an Open Source and small but extremely powerful library that manages to implement the IRC protocol. . Freeware download of libircclient 1.5, size 0 b.

Karaoke Disk Unpacking Wizard 1.9 Georgy Yunaev 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Karaoke Disk Unpacking Wizard provides you with an intuitive application designed to help you quickly extract the music files and the lyrics from BBK, LG or Samsung karaoke disks. Karaoke Disk Unpacking Wizard allows you to save the disk content locally by following a few simple steps. The music is saved in its original format and the. Freeware download of Karaoke Disk Unpacking Wizard 1.9, size 0 b.

Karaoke Lyrics Editor 1.3 Georgy Yunaev 

Education \ Miscellaneous

Karaoke Lyrics Editor is an application that lets you edit and synchronize lyrics with various karaoke songs. Currently supported formats include LRC, LRCv2 (supported by XBMC), Ultrastar (without pitch) and CD+G. Unlike just regular lyrics available everywhere, lyrics suitable for karaoke players need to have timing marks which tell the. Freeware download of Karaoke Lyrics Editor 1.3, size 0 b.

QMiniCom 0.1 Alpha Georgy Yunaev 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

QMiniCom provides you with a handy application that you can use to open serial port connections. It features a built-in TFTP server and supports multiple profiles. . Freeware download of QMiniCom 0.1 Alpha, size 0 b.

libircclient for Windows 1.6 Georgy Yunaev 

Development \ Components and Libraries

libircclient is a small but extremely powerful library which implements the IRC protocol. It is designed to be small, fast, portable and compatible with the RFC standards as well as non-standard but popular features. It is perfect for building the IRC clients and bots. Full coverage of the IRC. Free download of libircclient for Windows 1.6, size 62.91 Kb.