Products of GKC ElectroSoft

WebElf 3.8 GKC ElectroSoft 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

All of the features of your computer are now at your disposal around the clock and regardless of your location! Having a mobile phone or tablet with access to the Internet at a hand, you can use full remote computer management via Webelf software! Webelf provides web management not only for your computer, but also for any electronic devices. Do you. Free download of WebElf 3.8, size 3.41 Mb.


VedMed 2.0 GKC ElectroSoft 

Home & Personal \ Hobbies

VedMed Software is a simple and useful sleep machine, which will provide you and your family a healthy restful sleep. You'll renovate every night! VedMed Sleep Machine has restorative impact on the human brain. It promotes a more rapid recovery of brain getting rid of fatigue, stress and illness! VedMed includes up to 8 different sleep noises. Free download of VedMed 2.0, size 1.22 Mb.

MidNight 2.6 GKC ElectroSoft 

Home & Personal \ Hobbies

The MidNight program is a new crazy entertainment that will turn your place into the halloween horror house! The program MidNight runs on a desktop or laptop on Windows, while speakers are hidden in the room, for example, behind a curtained ceiling or curtains. MidNight creates an illusion of being in the horror haunted house, where invisible. Free download of MidNight 2.6, size 44.81 Mb.

FControl 2.0 GKC ElectroSoft 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

FControl Program provides continuous monitoring of files and applications on your PC. In case of changes in controlled files, it will restart/turn off your PC. FControl allows you to control the size, changes and content of any files, directories, and applications in a timely manner by letting you know about the changes and preventing malfunctions. Free download of FControl 2.0, size 757.65 Kb.

Defender 3.8 GKC ElectroSoft 

Security & Privacy

Defender is a system that provides secure wiretapping protection of your premises. It makes noise masking using standard speakers of your computer. Defender system generates noise, silencing the performance of any listening devices and creates a speech-like noise inseparable at the subsequent hearing. Defender Software is a simple, convenient and. Free download of Defender 3.8, size 1.27 Mb.

Terminator 8.8 GKC ElectroSoft 

Security & Privacy

Terminator is the program that helps to erase data on any hard drive of the network quickly, qualitatively and without direct access to computer in case of emergency. Process of removing information can be activated with the Web command, command within local network, automatically according to events of Windows, user events, timer, etc. In addition. Free download of Terminator 8.8, size 9.44 Mb.