Products of GMBA

GMBA Calculator 1.1 GMBA 

Education \ Mathmatics

n-digit precision calculator configure it to use between 0 and 6000 digits. Use the options... menu and set the number of digits to be used and presented for all you calculations. All operations are presented with the configured precision.. Free download of GMBA Calculator 1.1, size 397.31 Kb.


GMBA Maze 1.2 GMBA 

Games \ Puzzle

Generate and print Maze's to any size and complexity. Start with a simple one for the kid. Then you can generate another slowly increase the complexity and size by increasing the size of the window. Print the solution at once - so you can give hints. New mazes are generated as fast as the window is increased or decreased in size. For the kid that. Free download of GMBA Maze 1.2, size 204.80 Kb.