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SiteLogz 3.0 Inc. 

Home & Personal

Sophisticated web site traffic analysis and monitoring software. Highly scalable and easy to use, it provides detailed, real-time information about online visitor and customer behavior - information that can be used to increase sales and improve profitability. Sitelogz is designed to be easily installed and create comprehensive. Freeware download of SiteLogz 3.0, size 6.02 Mb.


1cleanup 3.2 Inc. 

Utilities \ Maintenance

Hang on there!!! Someone is looking at what you visited last nightuyou need to Cleanup your Internet tracksu1CleanUp is here to give you privacy by cleaning up your Internet tracks and to speed-up your computer performance by recovering your valuable disk space. It deletes unwanted, Zero length files. Each time you use your computer your Internet. Free download of 1cleanup 3.2, size 1.61 Mb.

1PopCheck 1.0 Inc. 

Internet \ Mail

Retrieves emails from any standard POP3 server. You are no more required to visit different web pages to read your emails. Various accounts can be checked in a single window. Allows viewing, deleting and defining rules on emails along with many other administrative features. Includes a sophisticated technique that detects spam emails. It can decode. Free download of 1PopCheck 1.0, size 1.13 Mb.

1TabView 2.20 Inc. 

Internet \ Web Browsers

Change the way you browse the internet. Get the next generation of browser by Open a hundred pages/tabs in one window with one click. Free downloads. Donlt wait for pages to load any more. Very user friendly, great GUI, Fast, small, very powerful browsing application. Never use your Internet explorer icon again. Movement in Tabs rather. Free download of 1TabView 2.20, size 105.91 Mb.

1UglyFTP 2.30 Inc. 

Internet \ FTP

1UglyFTP is designed to transfer any type of files from any of the web servers over the Internet. Allows ftp scheduling and bulky file transfers. Supports Server to server transfer. Its high performance, ruff-n-tuff and yet easy to use interface are ideal for new users and the full-featured menu is available for advanced users. You can leave it. Free download of 1UglyFTP 2.30, size 190.65 Mb.