Products of Guardanis LLC

TGSourceToString Guardanis LLC 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

TGSourceToString is a simple application designed to help you convert the source code in a text file into a string representation of the code. This is used to merge the actual code of a file into another application so that the source code can be compiled during runtime. You take the code from one application, create a string. Free download of TGSourceToString, size 0 b.


TGEFC Guardanis LLC 


TGEFC is a simple application designed to help you convert a text separated by new lines to a new text separated by commas only.

TG ThreadCrawler Guardanis LLC 

Internet \ Misc. Network

TG ThreadCrawler is a simple application capable of increasing your websites' thread values. Not only can it be. Free download of TG ThreadCrawler, size 0 b.

TG GenBot Guardanis LLC 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

TG GenBot is a general game bot for standard AND DirectX video games or applications. It has the ability to spam keys and attach to processes. . Free download of TG GenBot, size 0 b.

TG Ad Clicker Guardanis LLC 

Internet \ Misc. Network

TG Ad Clicker is a website ad-clicking bot that will go through a proxy site (namely our own) to your website, click your ads, and repeat the process at semi-random intervals. TG Ad Clicker is a simple application that can help you easily click your website's ads. You simply have to input the URL and the coordinates and the software does. Free download of TG Ad Clicker, size 0 b.

The Guardian Eye v2.6.31 Guardanis LLC 

Security & Privacy \ Covert Surveillance

The Guardian Eye Computer Monitoring Software is capable of monitoring everything done on your PC. It will capture every keystroke, take pictures of computer activity, block any website, disable Windows features, and so much more!. Free download of The Guardian Eye v2.6.31, size 347.14 Kb.